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Noise at Work ConsultancyNoise at Work Consultancy provide comprehensive noise test and evaluation services to help employers maintain a safe working environment for all their employees. We carry out specialist assessments to assist you in ensuring noise exposure is reduced to a safe level and managed effectively in accordance with the ‘Noise at Work Regulations 2005’ legislation.

Being compliant with the ‘Noise at Work Regulations 2005’ will ensure protection against future compensation claims for Noise Induced Hearing Loss. You will probably need to do something about the noise at work if any of the following apply:

  • the noise at work is intrusive – for example, as noisy as a busy road, a vacuum cleaner or a crowded restaurant – or worse than intrusive, for most of the working day
  • your employees have to raise their voices to carry out a normal conversation when about 2 m apart for at least part of the day
  • your employees use noisy powered tools or machinery for more than half an hour each day
  • your sector is one known to have noisy tasks, eg construction, demolition or road repair; woodworking; plastics processing; engineering; textile manufacture
  • general fabrication; forging or stamping; paper or board making; canning or
  • bottling; foundries; waste and recycling;
  • there are noises due to impacts (such as hammering, drop forging, pneumatic impact tools etc), explosive sources such as cartridge-operated tools or detonators, or guns.
  • Situations where you will need to consider safety issues in relation to noise include where you use warning sounds to avoid or alert to dangerous situations; working practices rely on verbal communications; there is work around mobile machinery or traffic.

Noise at Work Consultancy

Noise at Work Services

In order to comply with all current legislation regarding noise at work we are pleased to offer a thorough and detailed noise risk assessment of your workplace which includes:

  • The measurement and calculation of daily or weekly and peak noise exposure levels using integrating sound level meters and personal noise dosemeters.
  • The evaluation of the risk of noise induced hearing loss and other well documented effects of excessive exposure to noise at work.
  • A clear, concise and accurate written report detailing the risks to your employees and what you need to do, as an employer, to implement an effective and long term hearing conservation programme.
  • Advice on the selection of suitable hearing protection and audiometric testing.
  • Advice on training and the issue of Noise at work policy documents.

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