Machine Noise Assessment Birmingham

Noise at Work Consultancy can carry out Machine Noise Assessments across Birmingham to assist employers in protecting the health and well being of their workforce. Our company was established in response to an ever-increasing demand for noise exposure testing and evaluation, principally in the Industrial Occupational Health and Safety sector.

Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the most common occupational ailment in Europe and accounts for about one third of all work related injuries. In the UK some 170,000 people in the UK suffer deafness, tinnitus or other ear conditions as a result of exposure to excessive noise at work. It is permanent and is caused by irreversible destruction of hair cells in the cochlea which initially results in the loss of high pitched sounds and may extend to lower pitched sounds in the future.

With the support of the Noise at Work Consultancy, you as an employer can create and sustain a safe working situation for your employees where machine noise exposure is reduced to a safe level and managed effectively. You will therefore comply with the control of ‘Noise at Work Regulations 2005’ and give yourself protection against future compensation claims for noise induced hearing loss. Contact us today if you require a machine noise assessment in Birmingham.

Noise Assessment Birmingham

Do You Need a Machine Noise Assessment?

Noise Assessment BirminghamI you are based in Birmingham, in order to comply with all current legislation regarding noise at work we are pleased to offer a thorough and detailed noise risk assessment of your workplace which includes:

  • The measurement and calculation of daily or weekly and peak noise exposure levels using integrating sound level meters and personal noise dosemeters.
  • The evaluation of the risk of noise induced hearing loss and other well documented effects of excessive exposure to noise at work.
  • A clear, concise and accurate written report detailing the risks to your employees and what you need to do, as an employer, to implement an effective and long term hearing conservation programme.
  • Honest advice on the selection of suitable hearing protection and audiometric testing.
  • Guidance and training on the Noise at work regulations and policy documents.

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If you are worried about Industrial Hearing Loss in your workplace contact us today. We carry out Machine Noise Assessments across Birmingham and will be happy to hear from you! Call us today on 01905 349 641 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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